Week 34


Beef brisket with sweet potato stew and Mojo Rojo sauce (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Pasta with crayfish (Lf) 10,50 €
Chickpea bean stew with roasted Jerusalem artichoke (Df)


Macarone casserole with tomato salsa (Lf) 10,50€
Fried pike with root vegetable cake and remoulade sauce (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Almond risotto and pickled pumpkin (Lf,Gf) 9,50 €


Pork cheek with sage polenta and ham sauce (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Salmon soup (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Grilled aubergine with feta cheese and pesto (Lf,Gf) 9,50 €


Meat stew with garlic potatoes  (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Risotto made of shellfish (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Curry made of cauliflower and chick pea and coconut rice (Df) 9,50 €


Meat loaf with oven baked potatoes and rosemary cream sauce (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Fish casserole with lime creme (Lf,Gf) 10,50 €
Vegan wok  (Df) 9,50 €