Week 30


Brisket with barley and rosemary sauce (lf) 10.50€

Poached salmon with potato pureé and lime butter (lf,gf) 10.50€

Mushroom soup with black pepper crème fraîche (lf,gf) 9.50€


Pork cheek with garlic potato and peppercorn sauce (lf,gf) 10.50€

Haddock with spinach and egg mash and carrots (lf,gf) 10.50€

Falafel with sesame hummus and fennel yoghurt (lf,gf) 9.50€


Chicken breast with herb crust, gnocchi and coriander seed sauce (lf) 10.50€

Fish pasta with tomato (lf) 10.50€

Broad bean stew and jerusalem artichokes (df,gf) 9.50€


Fish terrine, fennel salad and lemon cream (lf) 10.50€

Beef and chorizo ragu with broccoli-potato mash (lf,gf) 10.50€

Root vegetable patty with qinoa and basil yoghurt (lf,gf) 9.50€


Roasted pork fillet fried potatoes and cream sauce (lf,gf) 10.50€

Pike seljanka soup with sour cream (lf,gf) 10.50€

Barlotto with beetroot and sage seasoned halloumi (lf) 9.50€