Week 8



Traditional Finnish potato and meat fry-up with egg Lf,Gf 10.70€

Cod with sweet potato mashand Mojo Rojo sauce Lf,Gf 10.70€

Pasta alla puttanesca and parmesan chips Lf 10.20€


Corn fed chicken with lovage barlotto and romesco sauce Lf 10.70€

Oven potato with warm smoked fish filling and tarragon carrots Lf,Gf 10.70€

Spicy chickpea stew and ratatouille Df,Gf 10.20€



Pork’s neck with stewed red cabbage and horseradish crème Lf,Gf 10,70€

Pan fried pike, green pea puree and bell pepper hollandaise Lf,Gf 10,70€

Halloumi stew with tomato Lf 10.20€


Tender pork stew and creamy garlic potato Lf,Gf 10,70€

Stewed salmon, roasted sweet potato and lemon mayonnaise Lf,Gf 10,70€

Mushroom risotto Lf,Gf 10.20€


Lasagne and tomato salsa Lf 10,70€

Creamy lemon polenta with shrimp and fish patties Lf,Gf 10,70€

Vegetarian stew and broad bean patties Lf,Gf 10.20€