Week 22


Lamb neck with lentils and thyme sauce (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Oven baked herring with shrimp mayonnaise and potato (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Goats cheese salad (Lf,Gf) 9.50€


Lasagna with tomato salsa and basil foam (Lf) 10.50€

Pike patties with warm potato salad and leek sauce (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Tofu seasoned with spruce sprouts and celeriac (Df,Gf) 9.50€


Goulash with mashed potato and lingonberry sour cream (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Pan fried salmon with cauliflower and hollandaise (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Smoked aubergine soup and chickpeas (Lf,Gf) 9.50€

Thursday- Ascension Day

Vessel Bistro is closed.

Vessel Burger is OPEN 10.30-21.00 


Pulled pork with pita bread and coleslaw (Lf) 10.50€

Bouillabaisse (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Greek salad (Lf,Gf) 9.50€