Week 50


Chicken curry with lemon couscous (Lf) 10.50€

Pike stewed in clili butter with horseradish potato and remoulade sauce (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Vegetarian burrito with marinated tofu and tomato salsa (Lf) 9.50€


Siskon sausage soup (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Pan-fried salmon with stewed cauliflower and salsa verde (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Avocado pasta with roasted chickpeas (Lf) 9.50€


Minced meat sauce with potato mash (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Lemon risotto with seafood ceviche (Lf,Gf) 10.50€

Beetroot and goat cheese lasagne  (Lf) 9.50€

Thursday - Friday

Christmas lunch



Cardamom glazed carrot with rosemary sour cream and nuts

Rosolli with beetroot cream

Salad with orange and cornation vinaigrette

Beetroot carpaccio with buckwheat and cinnamon balsamico

Char terrine with sudachi marinated shrimp

Licorice salted salmon with mustard mayonnaise

Dijon crusted ham

Christmas bread and roasted butter


Over ripe lamb neck, root vegetable puree and a dark mustard sauce

Meatballs with oven sweet potato and a creamy cognac sauce

Pan-fried salmon with thyme roasted beetroot and hollandaise

Saffaron risotto and pickled sweet peas


Plum ice cream with rice foam, pralines and cinnamon-apricot melba

Christmas lunch 32 €/pers

You can also have only the main course for 10,50 €.